Kenya Livestock Breeders Show Trust

The Livestock Breeders Show Trust was set up in 2004 as a Charity to handle the surplus income, if any, generated from the events organized by the Livestock Breeders Shows and Sale Committee.

In the mid-1990s, Mrs. Mary Nevill decided to hold an Holstein-Friesian Show on an annual basis. This in time gave rise to what became known as the Elite Livestock Show, which incorporated other breeds of cattle. The aim of the Show was to display the best of Kenyan Livestock. Unfortunately, the name Elite was misconstrued and the Show name was changed in 2000 to the Livestock Breeders Show & Sale, where cattle and other types of livestock were put on display. Up to 2004 the finances were handled by the Holstein-Friesian Cattle Society but the success of the Show was such that the amounts of money being handled became great enough to justify a managing body and so the Trust was born.

The Trust was initially set up with founding Trustees representing, the Kenya Holstein-Friesian Cattle Society, the Boran Cattle Breeders Society, the Ayrshire Cattle Breeders Society and the Jersey Cattle Society of Kenya. Brookside Dairy Ltd., who has been the title sponsor of the Shows and some of the Seminars, were then invited to appoint a Trustee.

The aims of the Trust are to promote the breeding of quality livestock within Kenya. In order to do this, the Trust works closely with the Kenya Livestock Breeders Organization, which is another body owned by the Breed Societies. Funds have to date been disbursed to the KLBO and the individual breed societies to support various projects which are felt will be beneficial to livestock breeding in the country.

The Trustees are most grateful for the support given to us by all our Show and Seminar Sponsors, large and small, and for the continued enthusiasm of our livestock exhibitors who excel year by year, thus showcasing the best of Kenya’s livestock genetics.


  • Dr. Muchemi Kariuki – Ayrshire Cattle Breeders Society of Kenya
  • Mr. Teurie Van Helden – Kenya Holstein Friesian Breeders Society
  • Mr. Cleopas Wahome – Dorper Sheep Society of Kenya
  • Mrs. Carol Rees – Jersey Cattle Breeders Society of Kenya

Breed Societies


The Ayrshire is a Scottish breed of dairy cattle. It originates in, and is named for, the county of Ayrshire in south-western Scotland. Ayrshires typically have red and white markings

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The Boran is a medium-sized beef animal. They can be grey, fawn or red in colour.

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The Guernsey cow is known for producing high-butterfat, high-protein milk with a high concentration of betacarotene. Being of intermediate size, Guernseys produce their high quality milk while consuming 20 to 30 percent less feed per pound of milk produced than larger dairy breeds.

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Holsteins are the most popular due to their high milk-producing capability

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Breed Societies


The Jersey breed provides animal welfare advantages in the form of longer cow life expectancy through reduced feet and leg problems, fewer collapsed udders, less mastitis, less calving difficulty and significantly lower empty rates due to superior fertility.

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Sheep and goats

Sheep breeds in Kenya · Merino · Corriedale · Southdown · Hampshire down · Romney marsh · Dorper · Red Masai · Somali sheep.

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Dual purpose breeds

In Kenya, there are two main races of Cattle: Indigenous – which include the Boran, Sahiwal and Zebu cows and the exotic or imported breeds. The two races can crossbreed.

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Mr. Teurie Van Helden – Kenya Holstein Friesian Breeders Society.

Dr. Muchemi Kariuki – Ayrshire Cattle Breeders Society.

Mrs. Carol Rees – Jersey Cattle Breeders Society of Kenya.

Mr. Jimmy Brooks – Boran Cattle Breeders Society.

Mr. John Gethi – Brookside Dairy Ltd.

Mr. Sebastian Kariuki – Dorper Sheep Society.

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